Today I have installed the running gear on the right side of the trailer and designed and prepared a couple of mounting brackets for brake lines and ABS cable. Done other bits and pieces including the mounting bracket for the ABS actuator.

When I have fitted the mounting brackets for the brake lines I will then connect the brakes to the ABS actuator.

As I go along I document each step in my Installation WIKI with images .. better than descriptions ..

I have uploaded a sample page of today’s work. For each component I will document how it is installed and/or integrated into the system. These pages do not describe the parts or their function, this is part of the Development Wiki.

Once I am finished all this info is available on my central computer system. I can see the location of each component, cable, connector and so on. It is easy an little effort to do it every day once I finished work.

Here is the link to the page.