Today I connected the load share valve for the air line between the two airbags on each side. After it was done and working I tested the suspension and timed the pressure equalisation between the bags and discovered that it was simply not sufficient. The valves I had used restricted the flow too much and so did the 3/8 plastic tube. Not good.

The load share between the bags is a valuable feature especially on rough roads. I also want to study the suspension characteristics with and without load sharing and in order to do that I need to make it work. What is needed is a better air flow for faster equalisation. The original hose I used was good, it worked well, but I had no valve installed at the time. I had this setup when I tested the chassis with weight.

I decided to use one of the stainless steel ball valves I have purchased for the glycol lines of the heater system. They are also ok for air up to 1 Mpa (145psi), which is sufficient for that application. It requires a few more wires but I have enough cores available with the cable I put in so that is not a worry.

This valve will not flow restrict. The whole arrangement is a bit bulky but it will work. Now I need to get some new ferrules for the compression fittings because once you have used them it is very hard to get them over a new piece of tube.


The connection to the bag is made with flexible hose and a clamp, the 3/8 tube is only used for the fill line.