This is the first post in the category “Body Build”. The day gets closer when I leave to QLD for the body to go on. One of the main activities the last three days was double checking measurements. The paper specifications of the windows, doors and baggage doors are all 5-10mm wider than the actual cut-out needs to be.

I was wondering about that but from the answers I got from the manufacturers of the items it is just for fitting purposes. All these items are custom made to measure and are not mass produced with a fixed size. The measurements vary slightly also for the same item at different locations. They just leave some wiggle room, but for my taste it is too much wiggle room. I’d rather use the sander and make the hole a bit bigger if required than having it too big. Also, unless the openings are cut on a CNC machine, there will be variations in the cut out size, especially on non composite walls.


Anyway, my wife and I went through all the relevant items and double checked the measurements. We took some weights some time ago, this time it was double checking the measurements and finally deciding on these for the plans.

Another couple of steps and I have all opening measurements changed in the plans to the exact measurements of the actual items, not just a general specification. Will be interesting to see how many of the opening fit properly or not. \

It is a bit of a difficult thing to finalise the plan and say: that’s it ! Cutting an eleven meter panel with all sorts of openings and then discover a mistake is a scary thing, especially when the foam came from New Zealand and was a special order which took three months. No room for error there.