I mentioned in the previous post that I also started to do some body work again, and that would include my own body too :). Joke aside, I have fitted the floor for the storage boxes under the main floor. I use the cut-offs from the windows and baggage doors to do most of it, but it will not be enough. I have another alu honeycomb panel to do the rest. The panel is a 10mm with alu skin on one side and a vinyl(white) on the other which will be facing inside. These panels are lighter than the fibre glass sandwich panels, however I did not want to do everything with these, I prefer the fibreglass as a horizontal panel for rigidity.

Here just a few images. I have already done a few more parts including some of the back walls. Pictures will come later. Once I have all the pieces cut I will glue them in.

dsc_2176 dsc_2177 dsc_2178 dsc_2179