Back on it, finally. Have been away 4 times to Melbourne and Sydney in the last 5 weeks, a total of 3 weeks away and a few other things, so not much work on the van. Things have been slow, too busy with my commercial project. Earlier I continued working on the underfloor storage. Glued the walls in and the remaining baggage doors.




The larger compartments are done now. A few bits are left to do though. Next step was the compartment for the outdoor shower.


I prepared the inner wall with the installation of the mixer unit. It is a thermostatic mixer. I use this also in the shower. Less water wastage with the hot water circulation pipe. Water at the selected temperature immediately. The rear of the wall shows the 1/2″ connections for hot and cold water.


The shower is located just next to the rear steps into the bathroom. Can be used to wash off sand before heading inside. I also will install a tab as a drinking water outlet. The water of the shower is coming from the fresh water tanks not the drinking water tanks.


The door is not in yet, will be done after I have finished the plumbing completely.