After the last tarp was ripped to pieces by the winds I started to work on the roof. I had finished the hatches and also done the extractor fan and all the trim along the roof edge. Next on the list were the solar panels for the hot water.


I organised the fittings for the panels and the connections for the pex pipes. Above image shows the panels prepared to go on the roof .


The left panel with the inlet connection.


Above image shows the connection between the panels and the right side outlet. I allowed some space around the panels and they fit nicely between the bedroom hatch and the extractor fan.


Above image shows the fill valves for the system. I fit an accumulator tank, a check valve and the circulation pump driven from it’s own 10W solar panel.


Above image shows the holes in the ceiling in the bathroom corner where the pipes will come down.

The solar panels will feed into the heat exchanger of the hot water system with 40l capacity. We also use the hot water for heating if required. I have a hot water circulation pipe which transports the hot water to each tap on demand for instant hot water without wasting any. I use the same pipe as the feed line for the heater elements with a 3-way valve at the intake. When needed the hot water can flow through the heater element or by pass it. I even have the option of partially opening and closing the flow through the heater using motorised ball valves. It saves me additional pipes and it will not need any modifications when I decided to fit the diesel heater. At the moment we will do without because the hot water panels will be sufficient even in cold weather as long as we have sunshine.  Originally I planned a diesel heater (actually two) until I decided that the water heaters are the way to go for me because I will have lots of hot water available. And if not the diesel heater will be feeding into the same glycol circuit as the solar panels and it is really easy to extend the system when we really need it. However it looks unlikely at the moment.