Today I have started to place the heater outlets. The first is the one in the living area. It is a 4.5 kw Webasto 3 stage fan heater. Originally I only wanted convection heat, but I decided that we are using the fan forced heater for faster heat up. We have the floor heating for the “soft” heat if required.

In the morning I was at Masters and raided the PEX fittings. Nobody buys this stuff and they had pretty much left what I needed. I bought a few and some more, just in case.

dsc_2107 dsc_2106 dsc_2108

I bought another couple of items, like a suction hose 50 mm for $25 and minor plumbing parts. Two bags full for all my plumbing for around $45, around 100 fittings. I really don’t understand that trades people did not buy all this yet. I mean you don’t get it any cheaper than 95% discount. The total discount was $971.05. They still had the push-in fittings, and copper stuff and also lots of poly fittings, but I just don’t need anything else. This came in real handy. I only use the crimp PEX system, cannot be bothered with push in fittings. They are just rubbish and with an extensive system like mine I simply don’t trust them in the long run. Crimp PEX looks to me as the most solid solution for hot and cold, including the heating lines.

I also had a look at another shower this morning. I am not convinced of the US one I have and will most likely use a one piece unit.


The Webasto units come from Europe. The prices for such units here are ridiculous, these were around $170 plus shipping with 3 stage fan and flow regulation. However I am not really keen about the flow regulation since I can do that with my motorised ball valves without restricting the flow to the other units or the taps where the hot water is needed. As mentioned before in another post I use the hot water circulation line to feed the heater units and control the flow with 3way motorised ball valves to each of the 4 units. I use another Webasto unit in the bathroom, which can also function as a dry room when hot water is available. For the bedroom and my work area I use smaller units.


The cutout in the bedroom wall and routing openings for the pipes are visible.


Mounted under the step for the bed.

dsc_2109 dsc_2113

One unit for the living area and the kitchen should be sufficient. If not we have the floor heating and the reverse cycle air condition, that should suffice.

I have also installed the trailer battery again and lifted the van to the max for easier access from underneath. I will now start to get the pipes through the floor and connect drains and taps in the kitchen, outdoor connections and the bathroom as well as the heating elements.