Last three days were busy with finishing all the little bits of the frame and TIG welding them together. Yesterday I finished the last pieces and then my mate MIG welded the riveted frame components to the thicker chassis pieces.


The outriggers in the front were welded to the neck frame.


The front panel support rail is fitted.


All the frame components for the underbelly cover are fitted and welded.


It is handy to have the strong hydraulic legs to lift the chassis. Easy access from underneath, however the manufacturer recommends not to use them for changing tyres. We should have used axle stands, but I do not have axles stands that high, but I trust a 5t hydraulic jack and these legs will not slip. Anyway even if the trailer comes down one would not get squashed.



The legs at their maximum extension – 30″.

I also fitted the hangers for the front water transfer tank. This tank can be easily removed, the connections have clip in fittings, and I can use the tanks on the truck to shuttle water or directly fill it when placed under the chassis. It is meant for raw water as input for the water processor. The size is 53 US gallon.


Next week I will finish a few minor things, another couple of hoses for the water processor, relocation one of the valves underneath, connecting the load share valves, fixing an air leak, but the main focus now is on taking the final measurements and verifying the plans, double checking all the cut outs to make sure everything is in the right place. By the end of the week I want the plans on their way to Shaun from Vanglass. After that I will put the floor on. Not sure if I can fit the underbelly cover, probably not, but the I will wrap the trailer. I might do that anyway because the sides are open and I do not need all the dust in there yet.