The last few days I finished the floor and prepared the chassis for the trip to QLD. I still had a very small leak in the airline around the load share valve, but it is now fixed. I also connected a few more cables to the load share valves and the brake locks.


Shaun was so kind to organise the glue for me. Sausages of 600g with KD Bond. Of course a German product for the Teutanic.


I used an air gun to apply the glue. For the whole floor I used 13 of the sausages, which makes another 7+ kg.


The water fill and breather hoses coming through the floor.

I put the capping back on the floor and made the new capping for the neck area from 1.6mm alu to save weight. The capping will be used to strengthen the corner between the panel and the floor. We will glue the angle into the corner and glass it over.

Lights are back on and working.

Hooked up the trailer while the motorbike was on the back of the truck. I need 2 blocks of 16cm to make the hitch clear the motorbike and the tail gate. This was the first time I actually had the trailer hooked up with the motorbike hanging off the back of the truck. The trailer has good clearance with the bike and I have full manoeuvrability with the bike connected.


I am leaving on Saturday morning for QLD.