Today I continued with the underfloor frame in the front and on the right side.  The front is finished and the right side is half done.


In the afternoon a mate came by and helped me with the welding.

All the frames, which are finished so far, are now welded together. We used the TIG welder for all the 3mm to 3mm alu.

underfloor_frame_lfront_weldingunderfloor_frame_lrear_weldedThe connection between the frame and the thick chassis components will be done with the MIG welder.

As it looks right now I will be finished with all the frames and the supports for the underbelly cover by Saturday evening, at least this is the plan now.

All next week I will use to verify all the external components and the cuts in the shell to make sure everything has it place and the measurements are correct. Then the plans will go to QLD.