Done lots of small tasks, producing brackets and mounting cables and brake lines.
Very time consuming, finished the main brake lines from the main actuator to the
Abs actuator and fitted the flexible brake hoses at each wheel and the ABS sensor

Above angles are used to mount the control and power cables for the legs at some part of the chassis.


Fitted the brackets to hold the ABS sensor line in place and avoid rubbing on the wheel. Fitted all the little brackets which we made earlier. Had a bit help from a German backpacker doing a few things for me right now.


Securing the flex brake hose.


And this is where the flex brake hose ends and the steel brake line will be attached.

Was waiting for some washers but obviously Konnectshop needs from Wednesday to possibly Monday or Tuesday to send some washers within Perth metro by courier. Totally appalling .. I really will stop buying local completely .. I get it quicker by EMS from China – and possibly cheaper. I am so over these Australian businesses, expensive, slow, inefficient and even rude when you take the liberty to actually follow up and ask where your order is.