Still working on the wiring for the legs.

As I said earlier, the waterproof connectors take time and I accept nothing less than 100% when it comes to crimping the contacts. I just recently repaired some electrical stuff on an Avan and connector fitting was appalling. Insulation to short and not reaching into the housing of the plug, crimp connections only on the copper strands, not on the insulation, electrical tape used instead of heat shrink, etc. The current owner did not do it, I am certain. Could have been the previous owner though.

The harness for the levelling system was far too long and the control box is supposed to be fitted on a steel bracket with connectors exposed. I mount it on the chassis without the shell, so I better put it in a separate waterproof box.
I prefer it that way anyway and put some of the extra length of the cable to the display unit inside the box and  not hanging somewhere exposed.