Two very busy days, yesterday and today.
Done lots. Finished all alu welding on underside and all steel welding.
First time I had all suspension hangers mounted to fit the trailing arms.

fc_4trailing_armsAbove shows all 4 trailing arms mounted for alignment and tacking on the blocks.


Above shows a wheel from behind. Have sorted out the routing of the flexible brake line and the bracket mount on the trailing arm to securely fix the brake line. Made little plates and welded them onto the trailing arm.


Finished the bumper mounts. Sacrificial bumper and mounts. If someone bumps into us it will take some of the impact and is a planned crack point.


Mounted an airbag and one shock to verify connections and mounting holes. It shows roughly ride height.


After we had the trailing arms laser aligned and tacked up, everything was removed to make it a bit lighter to flip the chassis. We could lower it onto the supports by hand with 3 people, so it is not too heavy. Would not be possible with steel.


Chassis is flipped and supported again to weld to rest on the top side. We will do this next Friday. Until then I hope to have all the steel parts back from the powder coaters and received the bolts to mount the wheels onto the flange. These are 13 mm bolts, no luck to get them here so my machinist will take some 9/16 and cut a 13 mm bolt for me (times 16).


Above is a closer look at the shock mounts for the 4 wheels.
During the week I will organise the air connections for the air bags, mount the brake actuator, organise the brake lines and a few other bits and pieces. If I get the steel parts back before the next weekend we will put the chassis onto the wheels and take it out of the shed. Then we fit the neck section, but outside the shed. With the neck on the lower chassis we cannot get it out of the shed any more. Not enough room to turn.

Also next Friday we will weld the outriggers to support the floor and then I will put a temporary floor on and have to find some temporary solution for the wheel arches.

The distance between wheel centers is 998mm, so just under 1m and I can run it as a closed coupled suspension without load sharing and also load sharing with both air bags connected on both sides. I intend to run it non load shared on bitumen with my auto level control handling the air bags and off the bitumen I will run it load shared with manual control of ride height and suspension stiffness.

The distance from center between the wheel to rear bumper is 3640, so 60 mm less than legal limit.

Hub cab left to hub cap right out side measurement is 2470 and tyre to tyre is 2380, well inside the side walls which will end up at 2450 mm. So far all is pretty much spot on. Very few places are outside the designed measurements and only by less than 2mm.  So even with my side markers I will be under legal width, which is not required. Lights and mirrors are ok to go past legal width.

I am a bit nervous about the air bags if I really end up with the predicted ride height at the optimum work height of the bags. But ther are ways to fix it if there is a problem.