Done some clean up today, sanding sharp corners, cleaning welds.
I have also temporarily fitted the brake line (flexible) to one trailing arm to check how to route the lines. I need a couple of tabs on the trailing arm to fix the brake line brackets, which are connected to the flexible hose. I am using the same front end hoses as on my truck.

Checked the cable length for the hydraulic actuator and it’s position.

Later I built another building block of the control system. See image above.

This is a DMX junction box with 3 DMX clients, 3 channels each, to control 3 RGB light strips from the central system. This box is indoor only, so I used the cheap connectors and plugs. 40c each, panel connector and plug, that is pretty cheap, I need at least a couple of hundred of these. I use only 4 pin plugs, even if I only 2 or 3 pins are active. Saves parts and since I build this for myself I don’t have to worry too much about putting the wrong plug in the wrong socket. Pins are chosen in a way that this would not destroy anything.
Below is a schematic of that box. I will need a few of those.


Another variation of the above is a junction box with one DMX client for 3 monochrome light strips (white) but in the same box I have three RF receivers and PWM drivers for the wireless dimmer switches. This allows both manual switching and dimming as well as central control through the touch screen. Only the white lights are manually switchable at this point in time. I might decide and change that, but unlikely. Below is a schematic of the junction box with manual control. I am waiting on some larger boxes to get this one done and also the first processor boxes.

Once I have all the basic building blocks done I do some function tests with long cables and heat tests at full load for a couple of days to check heat development within the boxes and whether or not I need ventilation in the lid. Once these tests are done and everything is ok I will start producing the other components.


I am waiting on quite a few things from China for further develop these building blocks. I also have ordered most of the cable I need for the install like, Can Bus 120 Ohms cable, 9 core data cable, 6 core security cable which I use for most connections even power (but will use three strands for each pole) from the 12V distribution points to the junction boxes and processors.

Still have not finished the list of all signals to be processed.