Done some more welding today. The rest of the main chassis welds were finished and the first welds done for the thinner alu, like the floor supports and some tank hangers.
Have fitted the first leg as a test.

All the steel parts are at the powder coaters and I expect them to be ready by Thursday. During the week I have to organise lots of little things. Next Friday we plan to put the wheels on and pull the lower chassis out of the shed to mount the neck.

I have some 6mm channel in 6082 which I will cut to an angle to do the outriggers. I decided to use this for the main (corner) outriggers and the 3mm stuff for the ones in between. Originally I wanted to do all in 3mm but I found the 6082 available in a size I could use and prefer that over the 6060.

To day I also picked up the 14mm x 90mm bolts (1.5 thread – 8.8 high tensile) to mount the hubs and the steering knuckles onto the adapter plate of the trailing arm.

I still have to get the threaded rods for the stub axles inside the axle sleeves. Will do this during the weekand also have to organise the air fittings for the bags.

As it looks right now I am on schedule to register the chassis in two weeks time and go to QLD second half of June as planned.

Will be a busy week and from now on I am on my own. The welding of the smaller stuff is my domain and my mate is going away anyway early June. So we made it well in time with all the structural welds, for which he is far more qualified than me. Next Friday will be his last action to connect the neck part to the lower chassis and then it will look like a goose neck.

I also have to fit my brake controller into the truck. Pretty straight forward, just standard 4 wires and my truck is pre wired for that and the OBDII connector. I use the Tuson DirecLink NE (Network enhanced) which handles the Tuson Electric over Hydraulic actuator and the ABS controller. It also incorporates a brake away unit.

Not sure if I can fit the ABS unit now because I am still waiting for some ABS plugs to make the necessary extension cables from my sensor cables to the Tuson harness. We will see if they arrive in time, probably not. So I will fit the ABS unit after the shell is on and I am back from QLD.