Lots of things happening … including a car accident .. some puppet had to push 4 cars into each other and I was the front one. Had our little city car and the poor thing is now in car hospital. I am ok, no problem, just very annoying. When do they learn to drive in Australia?

Anyway .. back to the subject ..

The electric over hydraulic brake actuator is mounted in the front of the lower chassis.


Mounts for the rear holding tanks are in, the middle section between the two tanks is not yet done.
All the floor supports are done in the middle of the chassis, I started with the outriggers.

Images below show the front steps between two of the outriggers. I will remove the steps again just make sure everything fits and the holes are drilled for easier mounting once I get to that when the shell is on.



Fitted all 4 levelling legs and their hydraulic pumps. Will commission that system tomorrow to help us lower the chassis when the wheels are on to take it out of the shed.
I expect the powder coated parts tomorrow evening. Friday morning we will mount the wheels, air bags and shocks, let the chassis down with help of the legs and will pull it out to mount the neck section.


Above image shows one leg and the corresponding hydraulic pump. Each leg has it’s own pump and the central control unit will level the chassis automatically with a push of a button. Will be fun to watch it for the first time. Hopefully Friday.

Tomorrow I will fit the battery, connect the legs with the hoses and cables and will test it.

Getting late, that’s it for the day.