Another day gone …

Half the day was shopping.
Battery – picked up at ev works
Brake lines, total of 16m lines and fittings for the ABS systems.
Bolts and Nuts, threaded rods for the axle sleeves, air fittings and hose for the air bags. Just temporary stuff until I fit the air engine with the levelling system.
Mounted the battery. Did not do the case yet. Just the mounting platform.

Finished temporary install of the Bigfoot levelling system. Temporary because the cables are not yet properly routed. Everything else is final. The cables are way too long. Made for US 40 footers with the panel at the front and even then the cables are too long. For now I just threw them across the chassis and connected everything up. We want to use
the system tomorrow once the wheels are on to lower the chassis. The legs are high enough to reach the ground with the chassis on the saw horses.

Below is an image of the extended leg.


And here the extra length of cable. Massive battery cable and the control harness, both at least 3m too long.


One can see the control panel on top of the cables. This will have to do for tomorrow to get the chassis out of the shed to fit the neck section.

Tomorrow morning at 8 I pick up the powder coated steel parts, then we will mount them (trailing arm etc, put the wheels on (no brakes though – will do that after the neck is on).

So hopefully by tomorrow evening I have the trailer in its full length for the first time.