Here it is, out of the shed, on its feet with the neck fitted.

Some detail pics: The powder coater ended up making the stuff black although I told him I wanted a bright colour. Anyway it was a lot cheaper that way, and one does not see the chips that much. The coupling mount in the front however is a nice bright safety yellow.
Will fit that tomorrow.


Side view of one trailing arm, one shock mounted only and the limiter strap in place.

Image of the airbag plate from the top with the temporary air lines. Currently in load sharing configuration until I fit the complete air system.


Counter plate of the trailing arm mount. No rubber membrane yet. Will take it out again and fit the membrane, but that will take a lot longer and I did not want to spned the time today although it is extra work, but I wanted to get the neck done.

One shock mounted at this stage.


This is the front gusset of the neck upright. A suggestion of one of the members here when he visited me. Thanks for that. We will also do a gusset to the inside reducing potential twisting forces.

Looks good so far, will be interesting when I go over the weigh bridge for the tare and the ball weight for the empty trailer. This is probably around 10 days away.