Today was service day for the truck.
Installing my anti gravity engine – floating 30cm over ground .. would’nt that be nice .. and all running on water vapour.

Done the left side ball joints and stabiliser, (did the right side a few weeks ago), rear brakes, new rotors all round, new pads, new park brake pads, new front flexible brake hoses. Did not finish the rear – need new axle seals to make sure they are real tight. The drive shaft and bearings run in oil from the diff, so no grease or packing, just making sure the seal is real tight. The old one is not crash hot anymore.

All tyres will be changed – have some older ones for the drive to QLD and back .. my good ones do not need these extra 8000ks, same goes for the trailer, using old tyres for that trip.

As soon as the axle seals arrive I will finish the rear, exchanging brake fluid, bleeding the system and braking it in.
I also will do a couple of adjustments on the steering and have it aligned again before the long trip.

All went well, no problems, just some fiddling with the 30t press to get the lower ball joint out and the new one in.