Have fiddled today mainly with the levelling system. Have relocated the control box (swapped sides – left to right) and levelling is working ok now, but it is slow and the limiter switches don’t work when the legs come up.
Have checked everything, wiring correct, signal goes correctly into the control box but it does not stop the pump when the leg is up. Control box not working properly. Have written to Quadra – also the level display front to rear shows 0 all the time even if it is not level. Something is not right.

But I have decided to build my own control box and link it to the central system as well as the phone.
I am just not happy with this unit and writing software like this is really trivial. They lower the legs each individually and then they have pauses between each operation which makes the levelling slow .. Obviously they use a time interval to let the gyro info settle and calculate the resulting angle, but it is a bit long for my taste.

One could drop all legs or at least 2 at a time for some distance and not just single ones.

Have ordered a Gyro module for the Arduino and will program that sometime in the near future. Will also make a relay box to drive the leg solenoids. This is easy since each direction has its own solenoid not reversed polarity. The limiter switch is a switch to ground which opens when the leg is up, so easy to read with an optocoupled input signal.

It is supposedly the best unit on the market but I am not impressed with the functionality of the electronics. The legs are good and real solid, the chassis does not move a single mm when on the legs and I can lift the front high enough to drive the truck away with the motorbike still hanging off the back. However I need a 15cm block under the front legs to achieve that, but it works.

Will see what Quadra has to say about the limiter switches not working.