I have picked up, cut and fitted the outer angle of the lower chassis.
It creates a flat surface to which the panels are glued and the top edge is flush with the 30mm floor.
The inside of the panel will be glassed to the floor.

I have not finished welding all the angle parts. I first had to brush up on mi TIG skills and adjust my welder to the material. Havn’t done that in a while and it took a moment.
Made a picture of my settings for the 3mm angle joins.


The welds are not crash hot yet, the pulse frequency and duty cycle was a bit high for this (one can see the ripples pretty close together ), but it will get better as I go .. practise, practise, practise ..

My mate has done most of the structural welds with MIG on the thick material, I have done a few, but the 3mm stuff is my responsibility. Fun though, but I would not want to do it every day. I also needed a new bottle of Argon, we had used a full one so far. This one is probably only going to be half when finished. So for now I have a total of around $1000 in welding consumables; Gas (Argon for Alu & Argon Shield for Steel), Mig wire steel, Mig wire alu – more than a role, Tips, Cups, Electrodes, O-rings.