Weather getting a bit wet.. had only a couple of hours today .. done some TIG welding, killed my last electrode and have to wait for the new ones. My local shop wants $14 for one and on the web I buy 10 at $17 .. I refuse to pay such inflated prices, so I wait.
I should have ordered some earlier, but my practising killed a few.

Had an answer from Quadra Manufacturing about the Bigfoot Levelling system. They actually confirmed that the system is working the way it should, running the pumps on all legs until the last leg is up and not switching off each individual leg although they have a limiter switch on each. Also, the retract all function needs over 40 Amp with all legs going at once and if the battery is low they just stop instead of lifting one at a time, which would be easier on the battery. My 40Ah Lithium is struggling with it.

They drop one at a time when auto levelling which takes a fair bit of time. So this control unit and panel will be thrown out as soon as my parts arrive and I have put the first version together with manual control and then I will do the auto level too, should not take me more than a couple of days to program.

I have ordered a keypad, gyro, 2 line character display for the leg control. I have enough Arduinos and Can bus shields and will also integrate that unit into my system so I can control the legs from the phone. I was not cheap and I would have expected better than what it is. The legs are good, solid, a bit on the heavy side, but the chassis stands rock solid when the legs are down.