Yesterday and today I was working on the chassis.
The rubber membrane for the separation of the steel suspension hangers from the alu mount plate has arrived.
The neck SHS is back from my machinist with all the holes drilled.

I have tacked up some cross members and work on fitting the suspension hangers but have to do a slight modification. Not enough clearance for the 1.5mm membrane. The last version of the new counter plate (I had that redone) is still no good. I was sloppy in calculating the total width and forgot to take one layer of membrane into account. I did not put this into the cad system and now it is haunting me … anyway .. lesson learned … changed it in the cad and done a new dxf file for the laser cutter and already paid, so I do them for the third time. Three times lucky they say, well it would be too smooth if these things would not happen ..


Tomorrow I will do the rest of the lower chassis and also tack up the neck part. Sunday is welding day when my mate is coming and does the full welds. I have done a few and did ok, but I trust his more. I will do all the outer parts of the under floor storage with all the 3mm stuff and leave the 6mm stuff to him. Only a couple of days of welding left, maybe three at the most with all the steel parts and then the chassis is done.

Next week I will check with the registration inspection guys if I need a floor or not for the temporary registration.

I also did cut all the rest of the big RHS into C-channel sections, some vertical and some horizontal. I did this to use the additional material I had because of the minimum quantity and also because this is 6082 alu and not the weak stuff. Was pretty easy with a circular hand saw.