Yesterday evening and today I tested the Arduino DMX shield and after a few issues with conflicting libraries I got it to work.

Above is the DMX-Ethernet client. I decided to use this concept for pretty much all my lights and not the PWM shield with the PWM drivers. I have 5 drivers I might use them but the DMX shield is far more elegant. I have small DMX clients coming which drive to strip lights and the installation and wiring is much more elegant with the DMX bus instead of star configurations with the PWM shield or individual Arduinos. The DMX bus is a bit like the CAN bus, only with three instead of 2 wires. I only need one of these DMX-Ethernet clients to drive all the lights connected with a cat5 cable, cheap and secure.

I have also finished a new version of my test app, no with the DMX client and also the extended IO-client.