A lot of bolts went into their place today. I finally received the washers yesterday after 6 days (within Perth). It took 7 days for some parts from the US, they also arrived yesterday.
With the washers now the remaining bolts could be fitted.
The coupling mount is now completely fixed.

So are the suspension hangers now. The counter plate is shown from the top with the rubber membrane around and pressed between cross members. Nothing is going to move or rattle here. The bolts sit in Nylon sleeves and all bolts are press
fitted into the sleeves.


I also started to fit the big nuts on the hanger bolts. Needs a 46mm socket and a big shifter.


I also ordered the floor panels today. Alu honeycomb with 2 ply of fibre glass. 30mm for the lower chassis and 20mm for the neck section. I had been pondering for some time what to use as a floor. This is by far the most expensive but also the lightest possible solution. Will use the same material with prop plate for the deck. Super light and strong.

This is a late decision and it will take 7 days for delivery. The panels are custom made for me here in Perth. Very rare that a bit of Hi-tech is actually made here.

Tomorrow I have to weld the outriggers on the right and finish the brake lines. Then I will continue with the electrical installation of the lights and the brake system. Also have to fit the DirecLink NE to my truck.