The shocks are all done and the running gear and brakes are all mounted.
Brake lines are bend and the first wheels are on.

The flexible brake hoses are all in and secured and the steel lines are bent. I have identified the position for my brake locks. Although I had that in the model I did not have the brake lines made including the lock. I first wanted to see where I end up. Now the brake lines are bent and I could confirm the location.


The hydraulic brake lock sits after the ABS controller just before the wheel. The lock is a latching pressure valve which is electrically operated from the vehicle or the front of the trailer. I incorporates a pressure switch which can drive an audible alarm in case the brake pressure drops when the lock is engaged.


I will cut the brake lines at the position for the locks and put the proper fittings in. I also made a bracket to be welded on the side of the main rail to hold the lock.
At the moment I have two wheels lockable. Originally I wanted 4 wheels locked, but for now I will leave it at 2, which I consider sufficient.