Another busy day over.
My laser cutter did let me down a bit and did not finish a couple of parts I wanted to use this weekend.
Anyway, my mate was here again and we almost finished all the steel works. Trailing arms are done, the shock mounts on the trailing arms as well as on the chassis, two of the airbag platforms, waiting for a couple of parts for the other 2 airbag platforms to finish.

Above is a pic of the outer coupling tube. The actual coupling slides into this tube. Obviously this is upside down since the neck still lays on the lower chassis. It was an instant fit, we clamped it and it was perfectly vertical,was another of these remarkable moments when something just works. The gussets with the location holes fitted absolutely perfectly.


Above is a close-up. Both sides are 100% aligned, very good work from the laser cutter.

neck_gussetsAbove is another pic from the front and below is a side view with the support to the rear. This was before welding.  The fit was not as perfect since this was hand cut with the angle grinder, but good enough. My saw does not do that angle.


We did weld it up, but did not fit the braces yet. This will happen next Friday when my mate comes again. Until then I hope to have everything ready to actually flip the lower chassis over, put it on it’s wheels and pull it out a bit to mount the neck level. Not sure if we can manage all that in two days, but we will try. I have the ball on the truck bed now to do the final test, however I have allowed for the truck to sink a bit under load and made the coupling tube a bit longer to compensate. So under full load the truck will be about 50-60 mm lower in the back and the trailer should be perfectly level, assuming that my calculated ride height is correct and the trailer is also on it’s full weight.

Gradually the chassis looks like a chassis. Next week I will be busy cleaning up all the splatter from the welding, rounding the sharp corners to achieve better results when powder coating the steel components. I also started cleaning up all the alu welds with a steel brush.

I now have to start planning the installation steps for the hydraulic actuator and brake lines, the brake away electrics, the landing gear and rear legs, the trailer lights and reflectors, and last but not least a temporary floor and some mudguards for the registration.

Will be another busy 3 weeks I reckon.