Today I finally got around to install my goose neck coupling on the truck.
I got a good workout without a hoist. 50 times out under the truck and back.
The exhaust had to go first to make some room and the the install was not that bad.
Above is the hole.

This image shows how I pulled the center section of the coupling up against the truck bed from below. That made installing the bolts a lot easier.


Below is the center section of the coupling under the bed. 1.5″ bolts go into the frame through existing holes and towards the front I have two big u-bolts on both sides holding the side plates to the frame in addition to the big bolts. Very heavy duty, far better than the $1500 install we had on our F250 and for that the removed the tray.


The ball sits around 10cm in front of the rear wheel, almost in the center of the bed, about half an inch out. This is the right spot for good weight distribution. Heavy crossbar sit on top of the chassis frame and carry the weight.
And the best thing, I used all the bolts and nuts, nothing left. So I must have done it right.
Seriously, this is one heavy coupling with 3″ ball, rated at over 30,000 lbs.