Since I do not use a standard suspension setup from a third party supplier it is inevitable that I have some custom parts to make. I mean the hole chassis and body is a custom part, but here I am talking about the little stuff.

For example, the mount plate for the swing arm is stell and it is bolted to the alu chassis. We gaet to that later what provisons I take to prevent galvanic corrosion.

At this stage I just list the custom parts I need.

The suspension hanger with counter plate to sandwich an alu plate, which is welded to the chassis.

Mounting plate for the airbags, top and bottom.

Coupling mount with braces.

An adapter plate to mount the GMC hub to the swing arm, and a few parts to make this strong and reliable.

Mounting blocks for the swingarm with brass bushes and bolts with gease nipples.

This is pretty much it.


Since I have everything in CAD it is very simple to have these parts made. Above is the suspension hanger plate as an example, which is done as a 3D model and the picture at the top of the page shows the drawing derived from that with all measurements. The process is to create a DXF file (Autocad) and send it to the laser cutter service. Took a few hours for the quote to come back and less than a week to produce the part. Will post the pics when I pick it up in the next few days.

This is as easy as it gets.


above is the final mount with the alu plate in the middle.


This is the adapter plate between the steering knuckles and the axle sleeve on the trailing arm, which is machined from a steel block. The steering knuckleas are being planed to make a good fit for the adapter.

Will have pictures down the track when I pick up the parts.