It is almost a week since I posted the last time. Not that I have not done anything, but I was again busy with other things. I moved servers again with a bunch of domains and sites including this because the new host I had was also unreliable, real pain. Finally I found a host that seem to work better, however I am still having a couple of issues with automated WordPress backup.

The work on the van was primarily outside. The vinyl around the bottom, alu trim on the edges, baggage doors, fitted the main entry door and a few windows after I had organised the foam tape I am comfortable with. I use Durofoam closed cell foam tape (6mm thick) and it worked well fro the windows. I will not even put a bead of sealer around it. Am very confident that the tape and mounting technique is totally sufficient to keep it water tight.

2016-02-05 15.48.15

The front right side is now completely finished. The baggage doors are in, window is in and even the graphic is on the panel.

On the other side I have already fitted the moulding which seals the top of the vinyl.

2016-02-05 15.48.28

The trim around the steps opening is done and I have almost finished the awning recess, which I do not yet have pictures. Right now we have over 40 degrees outside during the day and my time outside will be limited to the early mornings.

2016-02-05 15.47.48

Below is an image showing the bead of glue on an angle, used as trim for the lower edge. The thicker bead is the “mountinging” bead and the smaller one the “sealing” bead. The thicker bead is underneath the body and is supposed to mainly hold the trim and also seal, while the smaller bead is purely for sealing the angle at the top. Using a smaller bead makes it possible to minimise the gap between the angle and the panel, but the joint is still strong enough since the thicker bead underneath will make sure the is enough glue to really hold the trim in place nicely. This is just one example of a technique I have learned during this project. The next step for the outside is to fit the marker light and finally fit the awning.

In 4 weeks I want to have the outside finished and the van completely closed. Our fridge has arrived and I can now finally confirm all measurements for the kitchen and can order the CNC cut panels to put the kitchen together, however we still have not decided on a colour for the doors.