The last couple of days I have been working in the bathroom again. Done the door, the drawer for the vanity cupboard, the mirror and a shelf on the side of vanity. We decided against a mirror cabinet above the vanity to keep more open space in that small bathroom. It makes it a bit bigger. The shelf is enough for what we need and the drawer is pretty big anyway.

The mirror did not turn out that great, I may have to do it again. I used an alu honeycomb panel with a fibre glass skin and it was not really very smooth, so the mirror did not turn out that clear. It has only 400g using adhesive mirror tiles, which are fairly easy to mount. I will use another panel next time with an alu surface, which is smoother. Will be a bit heavier but not by that much.

The shelf is only 600g. This material is really great and light, but it is a lot of work to cut all the trim. I can understand why no commercial builder wants to use this system for caravans. Too expensive and too laborious. It is more used on high end boats, where people are willing to pay for quality unlike in the caravan business. If I would have to do it for commercial reasons I would not use this material either. But for my purpose and the fact that I got a lot of panels as factory seconds it worked out well.  A rough estimate tells me that I have used at least 200m of profiles for the edging throughout the build.

The door still needs a knob on both sides. I am not really a cabinet maker and it shows at some spots, but overall I am happy with the result. Nobody would have built it the way I wanted it or at least not at a price I would have been happy to pay. So I have to settle what I could do with the limited tools I have available.

I also started to fit the carpet. It had a bit of a fold in the middle so I have placed a bit of weight over the fold to flatten it. Once it is nice and flat I can cut the last side. The carpet I use is a very short marine carpet which has proven very practical in our slide on camper. Far superior to vinyl especially in the bathroom. Not slippery, nice on the feet and easy to sweep, does not even need a vacuum.

Once I cut it to shape I will start to put the floor heating in. A layer of insulation, then the heating film and then the carpet.