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Lithium Starter Batteries

This is a catch-up post, not a very recent activity. It was a while back that I deep discharged my starter batteries again. Had not started the truck for a while and the lead batteries were flat again .. That was the signal for me to finally get the swap done to Lithium batteries. I am tired of lead batteries failing just because they were a bit discharged.

It is tight under the bonnet and my batteries have terminals on the side and not on the top because they would not fit anymore. The Lithiums are 40aH batteries and are […]

TV Lift

We will have a larger TV in the van on a lift in a box behind the dinner table. At the moment we will probably use one of our 40″ LEDs I have from a project. It has a glass front and a touch frame so I can use it as a touch screen for a pc as well not just as a TV. However we plan to put a larger one in there eventually and I have adjusted the height for the lift accordingly to fit a 55″ SUHD from Samsung. It will not be heavier than the […]

Truck Coupling

Today I finally got around to install my goose neck coupling on the truck.
I got a good workout without a hoist. 50 times out under the truck and back.
The exhaust had to go first to make some room and the the install was not that bad.
Above is the hole.

This image shows how I pulled the center section of the coupling up against the truck bed from below. That made installing the bolts a lot easier.

Below is the center section of the coupling under the bed. 1.5″ bolts go into the frame through existing holes and towards the front I have two big […]

Container From The US

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At Shipping Etc in Lafayette Luisiana


On October the 8th 2014 I placed the first order in the US to be shipped to Lafayette in Luisiana. My shipping consolidator was located there. The comapny name is Shipping Etc and they do shipment consolidations, but normally not from 46 different suppliers and not into a 20′ container which has to be hand loaded and stacked to the top. Well, but that is the way to make it economical.

The guys at Shipping Etc. went out of their way to get my excentric request accomodated. I have not yet been able to check […]

Custom Made Components

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Since I do not use a standard suspension setup from a third party supplier it is inevitable that I have some custom parts to make. I mean the hole chassis and body is a custom part, but here I am talking about the little stuff.

For example, the mount plate for the swing arm is stell and it is bolted to the alu chassis. We gaet to that later what provisons I take to prevent galvanic corrosion.

At this stage I just list the custom parts I need.

The suspension hanger with counter plate to sandwich an alu plate, which is welded […]

240 Volt System

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For the 240V system I have decided to use Victron hardware. These products seem to be amongst the most advanced on the market. I had bad experience with Xantrex (Schneider) several times and an unresponsive support. I have a few chargers and an inverter from Xantrex. They work ok as long as you keep them dry. A bit salty air and they spit the dummy. My outback 60A solar charger, which I have in the slide-on camper still runs strong and I would regret dumping it, but it simply is not up to the task of charging the Lithiums […]

Processor Selection

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I can write many pages about the selection of the central processor for my automation system. Windows is surely one of the best integrated platforms as far as software development is concerned. Ease of use, tool integration, plug and play, and I have licenses of Visual Studio and other development tools anyway. But there is a huge downside when it comes to small devices. I know C# and WPF and other tools on Windows quite well, but the overhead of the operating system makes Windows unsuitable for really small footprint solutions. Also cost is a factor for suitable boards […]

Network Components and Design

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Just a quick reference to the components I use for my Internet of Things in the van.

1. Udoo under Ubuntu (Linux) with an on board Arduino (second processor)

2. 15.6″ touch screen with LVDS interface to Udoo

3. PoKeys57E client board with integrated Ethernet for signal IO and Ethernet to server

4. PoKeys Extended bus board with 8 relays for signal switching via PoKeys57E

5. X2-Board (Arduino compatible) with integrated Ethernet for signal IO and Ethernet to server

6. Arduino UNO with Ethernet shield for local signal IO and Ethernet to server

7. Entec OpenUSB Pro DMX adapter for DMX to USB

8. DMX Controller units for […]

Internet of Things

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A new (or maybe not so new after all) term to describe the connection between any kind of control gadget in the house, car, boat or wherever it makes sense or not to connect things, gather data and control functions. An early attempt to connect at least a few components in the house are Home Automation Systems. Opening and closing shutters and curtains, switching and dimming lights, lifting or dropping screens or projectors, controlling the air on, controlling humidifiers, heating thermostats etc. Well home automation still has to go a long way because many components still don’t have a […]

Tank Level Display

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With the number of tanks installed in the van, a total of 11, of which 10 require level display one has to think a little about how to organise that effectively. The solutions I found in the vans we looked at were not really satisfactory at all and having 10 displays or at least 3 combo displays for three tanks did not appear as a good solution either. All the solutions used in vans only show 5 levels (full, 3/4,1/2,1/4, empty) or even less. With larger tanks this becomes ineffective because one cannot really trace usage very well unless […]

12V Light Switches

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In the whole of the van we have many lights for different purposes, requiring different controls.

Cabinet lights
Skirting lights
Ceiling lights -indirect
Slide-out facia – internal indirect light
Ceiling downlight
Reading lights
Work lights
Wall wash lights
Shower downlight
Vanity light
Awning lights
Storage compartment lights
Underbelly lights
Outside table light
Pass through shelf light
BBQ light
Step lights
Coupling lights
Search lights
Security lights

In today’s day and age all these lights can have one thing in common, they are low energy LED lights. But not all LED lights are created equal. There are different types or LED lights and it effects the way they can be controlled, say dimmed. Simple on/off is the way you find it […]

Body Material

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Strength, UV resistance, light weight, good insulation properties, easy and quick to work with and reasonably priced are the attributes one wants from body material, but such a thing does not exists. One can find a multitude of composite panels, which meet most criteria but are definitely not reasonably priced for the home builder.

Steel frames and aluminium cladding are still very common amongst caravans. The reason is most likely material cost, however any frame construction has an enormous labour component, where in comparison a composite panel should compare favourably. For a home builder like me the labour side is […]

Running Gear And Brakes

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When it comes to hubs and bearings all trailers in Australia are pretty much the same. One can use 4,5 or 6 stud hubs with bearings sitting on a spindle and a couple of different electric brakes or if one dares even a hydraulic brake. However with hydraulic brakes the callipers and mounting brackets are rather limited and primitive for trailers.

I have been looking at some trailer parts and was questioning some of the play a bush had over a bolt and was told that this would be the best I can expect, it is “just” a trailer part. […]


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When it comes to a suspension for trailers above 3.5t the air becomes a bit thin. With this subject there are also a few camps supporting one or the other technology. How good does a suspension on a van need to be? Well, some people claim that only a vehicle needs a comfortable suspension and the one on a van needs to be practical and safe but not necessarily comfortable. I beg to differ, especially when one plans to go on lots of tracks.

The simplest and cheapest solution is surely the old traditional leaf spring suspension. Has a good […]

Chassis Material

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The decision about the chassis material was not an easy one. I made a design with steel, aluminium and also everything in FRP. The latter looked very interesting, but it would have required a lot more research and testing with a chassis of that size and weight, so I canned it. Still, I would love to give it a try, but maybe in another life.

There is a never ending discussion between followers of either camp. Arguments pro and contra one or the other are plenty. There is the C350 and C450 steel, which made stronger steel lighter, but I […]