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All water plumbing, we have no gas.

Vanity Cupboard

Been working in the bathroom and underneath. Completed a couple of baggage compartments of the under floor storage and fitted one more baggage door. Still 3 to go before everything is done. I also have continued to work in the bathroom. Have started to work on the vanity cupboard and connected the vanity top and mixer.

The drawer under the vanity top is not done yet, that is next on the list.

The trim on the edges is also not done yet. The images are not very good, out of focus and a bit grainy, had not much light when I […]

Shower Installation

By |November 28th, 2017|BUILD, PLUMBING|0 Comments

Before my trips I had started to install the shower. The last days I put the shower in place and started to do the plumbing for the shower. I do not use a fibre glass cubicle, simply because of the weight. I have a super light shower wall, however it needs to be glued to a solid back wall. This can not be the outer body walls because I wanted the plumbing behind the shower in a cavity between the outer walls and the shower wall. The other requirement was to be able to remove the shower at any […]

Underfloor Storage And Outdoor Shower

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Back on it, finally. Have been away 4 times to Melbourne and Sydney in the last 5 weeks, a total of 3 weeks away and a few other things, so not much work on the van. Things have been slow, too busy with my commercial project. Earlier I continued working on the underfloor storage. Glued the walls in and the remaining baggage doors.


The larger compartments are done now. A few bits are left to do though. Next step was the compartment for the outdoor shower.

I prepared the inner wall with the installation of the mixer unit. It is a […]

Heating Plumbing

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Over the last weeks I have been doing some plumbing and also worked on electrical components apart from other things. I make progress but slowly, however I am still trying to get everything finished by the end of the year. I have my doubts though, because there are still many things to do with the commercial project but we would really like to get away after the Summer holidays and before the big heat.

The heater outlet in the living area. Originally I did not plan to use the Webasto hot water heat exchange heater units but I found them […]

Solar Hot Water

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Have finished the roof installation of the hot water solar panels on the roof. I want to put the two new tarps up for the next months and wanted to finish the work on the roof for now. I was missing some insulation material for the pipes otherwise I would have done more but got some more of it yesterday. In the coming days I will work on the hot water plumbing inside.

Above image shows the two panels mounted on the roof between the extractor fan in the bathroom and the hatch of the bedroom. It is really great […]

Heating Installation Started

By |December 6th, 2016|BODY BUILD, BUILD, PLUMBING|0 Comments

Today I have started to place the heater outlets. The first is the one in the living area. It is a 4.5 kw Webasto 3 stage fan heater. Originally I only wanted convection heat, but I decided that we are using the fan forced heater for faster heat up. We have the floor heating for the “soft” heat if required.

In the morning I was at Masters and raided the PEX fittings. Nobody buys this stuff and they had pretty much left what I needed. I bought a few and some more, just in case.

I bought another couple […]

Hot Water Solar

By |December 3rd, 2016|BODY BUILD, BUILD, PLUMBING|0 Comments

After the last tarp was ripped to pieces by the winds I started to work on the roof. I had finished the hatches and also done the extractor fan and all the trim along the roof edge. Next on the list were the solar panels for the hot water.

I organised the fittings for the panels and the connections for the pex pipes. Above image shows the panels prepared to go on the roof .

The left panel with the inlet connection.

Above image shows the connection between the panels and the right side outlet. I allowed some space around the panels […]