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Valve Connections

By |July 22nd, 2018|BUILD, COMPONENT BUILD|0 Comments

It is over five months that I posted last. Unbelievable, I have been busy, busy, busy. My commercial project took a lot of time including another trip to Melbourne and Sydney and a quick stint to Brisbane. Lots of hours looking after the project covering all kinds of aspects. I also have done a few hours on the caravan once in a while.  A long list of little things, I will eventually post about it and show some more pictures.

The most recent activity was putting some cables together for the motorised ball valve for the inlets and outlets of […]

Electronic Installation

By |February 3rd, 2018|BUILD, ELECTRONICS, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Over the last two weeks I also started to install some of the electronic components I had made before. The square box in the middle is the Ethernet gateway module to connect to the CAN bus.

Installed the Ethernet switch for all the Ethernet components in this cabinet and also installed the DMX controller, which is not shown in the picture. Need to take another one.

The rectangular box to the right of the gateway unit is the control unit for the 8 latching relays below the gateway unit. These latching relays control the DC circuits. The circuits are switched off […]


By |February 3rd, 2018|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Again some time since the last post. I have been pretty busy with my commercial project, but still managed to do a few things on the van. Next week I will be in Sydney again for a few days, so not much time right now for the handy work.

I cleaned up the mess on the floor a bit and had to move the fridge out of it’s recess to get to the cables behind the switch board and battery panel to bundle them properly.

I also continued working in the bedroom. I built and finished the night stands in the […]

Bathroom And Miscellaneous

By |December 29th, 2017|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

Last couple of days I have been working still on the bathroom and a few other things like the edging of the body and the wipe seals of the slide outs.

First thing was to lay the floor heating in the bathroom. I had already installed the thermostat and the power supply cables so it was not a big deal to connect the film segments. Works well and very quickly.


Next I have finished the edging on the bottom of the left outside. I use 25×25 white powder coated alu angle.


After the outside job I went back to the bathroom […]

More Bathroom

By |December 22nd, 2017|BUILD, INTERIOR BUILD|0 Comments

The last couple of days I have been working in the bathroom again. Done the door, the drawer for the vanity cupboard, the mirror and a shelf on the side of vanity. We decided against a mirror cabinet above the vanity to keep more open space in that small bathroom. It makes it a bit bigger. The shelf is enough for what we need and the drawer is pretty big anyway.

The mirror did not turn out that great, I may have to do it again. I used an alu honeycomb panel with a fibre glass skin and it was […]

Shower Installation

By |November 28th, 2017|BUILD, PLUMBING|0 Comments

Before my trips I had started to install the shower. The last days I put the shower in place and started to do the plumbing for the shower. I do not use a fibre glass cubicle, simply because of the weight. I have a super light shower wall, however it needs to be glued to a solid back wall. This can not be the outer body walls because I wanted the plumbing behind the shower in a cavity between the outer walls and the shower wall. The other requirement was to be able to remove the shower at any […]

Underfloor Storage And Outdoor Shower

By |November 28th, 2017|BODY BUILD, BUILD, PLUMBING|0 Comments

Back on it, finally. Have been away 4 times to Melbourne and Sydney in the last 5 weeks, a total of 3 weeks away and a few other things, so not much work on the van. Things have been slow, too busy with my commercial project. Earlier I continued working on the underfloor storage. Glued the walls in and the remaining baggage doors.


The larger compartments are done now. A few bits are left to do though. Next step was the compartment for the outdoor shower.

I prepared the inner wall with the installation of the mixer unit. It is a […]

Motorised Ball Valve Control Unit

Another component I have been working on during the last days, apart from the plumbing I have done, is the unit to control the motorised ball valves for the heating elements as well as some valves installed with the water tanks.

The complete unit comprises two components, the relay component and the processor component. Above image shows the relay board with 16 relays driving 12 ball valves. The connectors are 5 pin plugs connecting each ball valve. Two wires drive the motor. Changing polarity changes the direction of the valve movement. The other 3 wires are used for the feedback […]

Main 12V Control

As part of the electrical work I was doing over the last few weeks I was working on the main switch component for the 12V supply. The main reason for such a switch component is the goal to minimise power consumption. Each control component like a valve control, dmx control unit, slide-out controller and any other component use power even on standby. Audio PC, video PC, cameras, NVR and other 12V units add significantly to an idle current which could amount to 3-5 Amp, which is almost as much as a small 12V fridge would use when running continuously, […]

Heating Plumbing

By |August 19th, 2017|BUILD, PLUMBING|0 Comments

Over the last weeks I have been doing some plumbing and also worked on electrical components apart from other things. I make progress but slowly, however I am still trying to get everything finished by the end of the year. I have my doubts though, because there are still many things to do with the commercial project but we would really like to get away after the Summer holidays and before the big heat.

The heater outlet in the living area. Originally I did not plan to use the Webasto hot water heat exchange heater units but I found them […]

Truck Upgrade

By |August 19th, 2017|BUILD, Uncategorized|0 Comments

I had planned upgrades on my truck for some time and had the components shipped from the US in the container I received with all the van parts. It took me almost 2 years to get started with the upgrade, mostly because I was not really urgent and secondly I needed a decent hoist taking the truck. A friend of mine is a mechanic and was planning to install a second hoist in his workshop big enough to take the truck. This eventually happened and since I am working towards our departure at the end of the year we […]

Lithium Starter Batteries

This is a catch-up post, not a very recent activity. It was a while back that I deep discharged my starter batteries again. Had not started the truck for a while and the lead batteries were flat again .. That was the signal for me to finally get the swap done to Lithium batteries. I am tired of lead batteries failing just because they were a bit discharged.

It is tight under the bonnet and my batteries have terminals on the side and not on the top because they would not fit anymore. The Lithiums are 40aH batteries and are […]

Long Time – No Post

It has been a while since the last post. The last 3 months I have been busy with other things, mainly the renovation of a rental apartment. This took eight weeks to finish. Done pretty much everything new … new kitchen, bathroom, floor throughout, new backyard (grass out, paving out and new paving in), plants, retic in front and back, new laundry, painting, couple new doors, new main door, new aircon, blinds, fence etc … painting of course inside and some outside.

I also have been busy with my commercial project and my truck.

MultiControl Installation

This afternoon after another meeting I finally installed the MultiControl replacement in the van. It sits above the fridge next to the main switchboard. I have fans for air circulation around the fridge walls and this will also let the air flow over all the components installed in the space above the fridge.


Below to the right, visible only as a white surface, is the 8 port router to connect some of the components to the LAN. On the left below the 5V power supply for the router one can see the UDOO Linux main processor, which is connected to […]

Under Floor Storage

By |March 15th, 2017|BODY BUILD, BUILD|0 Comments

I mentioned in the previous post that I also started to do some body work again, and that would include my own body too :). Joke aside, I have fitted the floor for the storage boxes under the main floor. I use the cut-offs from the windows and baggage doors to do most of it, but it will not be enough. I have another alu honeycomb panel to do the rest. The panel is a 10mm with alu skin on one side and a vinyl(white) on the other which will be facing inside. These panels are lighter than the […]

MultiControl Field Test

By |March 15th, 2017|COMPONENT BUILD, ELECTRONICS|0 Comments

Long time no post. Been really busy with my commercial project and was in Melbourne and Sydney for presentations, 4 days each location. And did I say I was and still am really busy with that :). However I need to get going with my van. We want to get away this October/November so I have to get into it again.

I have done some more work on the body, but this is for another post.

I just finished my internal documentation for the Victron MultiControl replacement after I have done a field test (in the van) and made a couple […]

Solar Hot Water

By |January 8th, 2017|BUILD, PLUMBING|0 Comments

Have finished the roof installation of the hot water solar panels on the roof. I want to put the two new tarps up for the next months and wanted to finish the work on the roof for now. I was missing some insulation material for the pipes otherwise I would have done more but got some more of it yesterday. In the coming days I will work on the hot water plumbing inside.

Above image shows the two panels mounted on the roof between the extractor fan in the bathroom and the hatch of the bedroom. It is really great […]

Phone Battery Monitor

By |December 29th, 2016|COMPONENT BUILD, ELECTRONICS|0 Comments

Was mainly working on my commercial project today and the last few days, but still manage to do a little bit for the van. Today I felt like doing something for the Android phone app. The first version is done. I made a generic application which loads a parameter list from the central app via Wifi and creates the display page dynamically. If one has a large number of signals to deal with it is very daunting to write apps for each application component with each signal in a hard coded way. Just not really efficient. I have created […]

Victron Multi Control Replacement Part2

The touch screen is mounted in its bezel, the connection cable for the screen is made and the components are in their box. I use two step down power supplies, one for the Arduino and one for the display. I found the display to be unreliable when powered from the Arduino, it draws too much power and with the Ethernet shield in the stack, which also draws a fair bit of power it would be a bit too much for the Arduino internal power supply. I run 7 V to the Arduino, if I power it directly from 12V […]

Victron Multi Control Replacement

Have finished the programming and testing of my Multi Control replacement. Have changed the main screen a little over the first version. At first I emulated the original with a round knob. Not really easy to use with a touch screen. The slider was better but it was still a bit tedious to set an exact limit. This is mainly useful when we only have a 10 amp plug or only one lead connected. I made buttons for the mainly used limits and anything in between can be done with the slider. I did not visualise the charger mode […]