Busy day, had a few beers after work and got too late for pics.. was dark by then.
The suspension hangers are welded up, no problem at all .. no bending – easy
The trailing arms are tacked, the axle sleeves are welded to the hub adaptors and we
put the the outer cross members on the chassis after we did set it on the saw horses
and got it level. That took actually only a few minutes, totally surprising, once we had
the main rails on the saw horses and just eye balled the levels and direction and the measured it with the laser level we could not believe our eyes; measurements were spot on.
Got it nice and square from rear to front and tacked it up. No welding tomorrow.. other things to do. My mate has a 7k mud/obstacle run and I have to do some trenches and lay conduit for light poles on mid kids property. Next weekend we will do the rest of the chassis. I expect another couple of weekends and the chassis should be ready for the final touches to go to the pits.
Have received my vin number and will check with the licensing people if I actually need a floor on that thing to get it registered. We will see.. I will add some pics as soon as I have them, but tomorrow might get late also.

I had to pack up my truck for tomorrow and was in the shed again and thought I give it a try to take a few pics with the phone. Turned out ok, so here they are:

Above the chassis on the saw horses.

The welded suspension hangers: