Today I did cut all my steel parts for the trailing arms.
I prepared the steel parts we intend to weld tomorrow including the suspension hanger plates.
Above is an image showing all 4 suspension hanger plates lined up through a 1.5″ steel rod to keep them perfectly aligned when we weld.

The mounting blocks for the trailing arms will be pressed between the hanger sides with a couple of blades from a feeler gauge to give it just a tiny bit of play(0.05mm) and more importantly all the same. The hanger plate is 8mm steel and will be bolted to a 10mm alu plate and another 6mm steel counter plate above that. The counter plate is pressed between cross members. SS bolts are sleeve with nylon and do not make contact with the aluminium. A 1.5mm hard rubber membrane will separate steel and alu.

suspension_hanger (1)

The next couple of days should see the chassis being formed.
I have sort of committed to be in Brisbane second half of June to get the body mounted by Vanglass. Now the clock ticks …
The only real hurdle at this stage might be the registration , but I am quite confident that there is nothing major to complain about. We will see.

I will fill out the VIN application tonight.