Nice weather again today.
The floor was on the agenda today. Was a bit nervous to cut into a $600 panel and make a mistake. I actually did, but not a dramatic one. I did cut the floor already according to the final floor plan, but then realised that it would be a better idea to leave those sections on for now until it is registered or even until I really have to cut it later.
So there is a rectangular hole on the left, which I will fill back in.

I had to make to holes for the rear legs to come through but did not order a hole saw for that since I only need two of those holes. So the drill and a file had to do. I used the angle grinder with a layered grinding disc to cut through the fiber glass and make a nice round outline.


The legs went through without a problem.


I did already put some capping on at the rear.


Tomorrow I will finish the front section, a bit more time consuming than the rest.
All joint supports are cut. The floor will come off again when I fit the tanks and finish the under floor storage frame and support for the side panels.

It slowly starts to take shape and looks like a trailer.

Tonight I will continue what I started yesterday evening, connecting my phone to a BLE shield (Blue tooth low energy) to implement the control app for my levelling control unit. I can send serial data between the phone and the Arduino and will now make up a protocol for the communication and a UI for the app on the phone.

Still waiting for the accelerometer to make the tilt sensor and the line display for local use without the phone app.