Over the last 2 weeks I have installed the AC switchboards. There is more to it than just a few images.The scope of the system far exceeds the content of a few posts on the website. Important to mention is that all breakers are double pole as required for portable structures. I have contactors to isolate the subboard when not needed to avoid unwanted standby currents.

I also use power meters with Modbus interface to monitor consumption of the air condition and the fridge. I also use RVDs additionally to RCDs. This is subject for another post.

The main switchboard above the fridge with the 12V battery control panel to the low left.


Below is the main input board. The outside supply lines come from the input selector and are connected to two 16 Amp breakers protecting the input of the inverter transfer switch. They are routed through surge protectors and power meters. The output of the inverters is combined and connected to a 63 Amp breaker.

From here the main AC supply goes to the main switchboard from where it is distributed to 3 subboards.

The 6 sqmm is not yet fixed. I am still waiting for the larger bootlace ferrules to secure the cable ends for the connection.


Below is a picture of the 4 RVDs is use. Three 32 Amp and one 16 Amp RCBO/RVD-EMR. The problem with these was to get the cables properly connected with the small connectors of the single width, double pole RCD’s. I prefer the double wide ones, which have much more solid connectors.




Below is an image of the kitchen subboard. This is connected via a 32 Amp contactor and it only gets power when needed.


Below is the switchboard in the bedroom, not quite finished yet. This will happen soon though.


I will make another post with images when all boards are finished.