Over the last two weeks I also started to install some of the electronic components I had made before. The square box in the middle is the Ethernet gateway module to connect to the CAN bus.

Installed the Ethernet switch for all the Ethernet components in this cabinet and also installed the DMX controller, which is not shown in the picture. Need to take another one.

The rectangular box to the right of the gateway unit is the control unit for the 8 latching relays below the gateway unit. These latching relays control the DC circuits. The circuits are switched off when not used to avoid idle currents. Each relay has a capacity of 100 Amps, although I don’t really need that much I did not get any latching two coil relays with a lower capacity for an acceptable price. These came from the Czech Republic and were $12 each. The Control unit is a Pokeys57e and is connected using Ethernet, because it is permanently on and the CAN bus controller may not be on all the time.  The unit uses 0.11 A and when in storage the 12V system is switched off completely.

The image above shows the NVR (Network Video Recorder), which records the image stream from the security cameras on the outside. I have 4 cameras covering the perimeter of the van. The NVR is also connected the Ethernet switch in this cabinet. Power is only on when Video cameras are activated. This happens in “Night Mode” and in “Away Mode” automatically.

I had a few issues with the relay controller switching erratically, but have it working ok now. It was a software issue and not a hardware issue. It took me a couple of days to figure it out though, while doing other things.