Last couple of days I have been working still on the bathroom and a few other things like the edging of the body and the wipe seals of the slide outs.

First thing was to lay the floor heating in the bathroom. I had already installed the thermostat and the power supply cables so it was not a big deal to connect the film segments. Works well and very quickly.


Next I have finished the edging on the bottom of the left outside. I use 25×25 white powder coated alu angle.


After the outside job I went back to the bathroom and finished the cover for the lower part of the vanity cupboard. This is removable to get to the plumbing for the water and the heating.  I also installed the vent for the bathroom heater outlet.


Next activity was to fit the swipe seals for the slide outs properly. The upper and lower seals are usually only glued into the edge of the cutout, however the adhesive is not really the best and I simply do not trust it to withstand wind, weather and time. I have seen seals coming off on several US built vans and also on some Jayco’s using the same Schwintek system. It is not a good idea to simply glue it if you want to use it for years. The side seals are fixed using the slide out mechanism, not so the upper and lower seals. There is pressure on the seals in two directions when the slide outs move in or out. I use alu flat bar to put pressure on the length of the seal.

This makes sure the seal stays in place as long as the van is holding together.