Been working in the bathroom and underneath. Completed a couple of baggage compartments of the under floor storage and fitted one more baggage door. Still 3 to go before everything is done. I also have continued to work in the bathroom. Have started to work on the vanity cupboard and connected the vanity top and mixer.

The drawer under the vanity top is not done yet, that is next on the list.

The trim on the edges is also not done yet. The images are not very good, out of focus and a bit grainy, had not much light when I took the pictures and did not really pay attention.

The power point is done above the washing machine cover with legal distance to the vanity top. The washing machine has it’s own power point behind the double wall. I also had the cover for the cables and pipes installed in the corner to the right of the window, however the trim is also not yet done. Getting closer now, most plumbing is done. Most cabinets and other building efforts are done. Will do the bed base next. Have decided to change the current setup a bit. Will write about this in a separate post.