This week the large battery lugs arrived. I had plenty of B&S 0 but no B&S 00, which I had ordered. The main supply is B&S 00 from the batteries to the first distribution point. From here the 12V supply runs down towards the chassis battery and also to the inside. Both lines are B&S 0. At the main distribution point I also connected the small inverter.  A total of 3 big fuses are installed. Each connection is colour coded and the three fuses are connected with a bus bar I made from flat copper.


I also started to box in the front part of the kitchen protruding  into the pass through storage are. This includes the air condition pipes and plenty of cables. One can see the sidewalls, which are used as mounting surfaces for some components. The front will be covered with a door and the enclosure is ventilated into the kitchen area through the air condition grille.


The AC input and output is connected to the inverter and to the switchboard.


I use different colour heat shrink as colour coding. Both negative and positive re marked with the same colour heat shrink. This is easier to identify the corresponding cables then just having everything red and black.


Fuse covers are installed.


When doing the big cables for the 12V circuits the most important tool is the hydraulic press for the lugs. This is the only safe way to make the connections properly especially for 70 sqmm cable.