Last week I have received a Mini Pc  had ordered as a sample. It is meant to be driving the audio system and will be mounted close to the Logitech amplifier. I have designed the entertainment system around the old Logitech system I had in the slide-on camper. I really liked it, fairly compact subwoofer and several inputs including an optical digital input. I also will have a video server connected to the TV via HDMI 2.0 for full UHD 4K transmission. The HDMI cable runs back to a HDMI to Toslink converter for surround sound input into the amplifier. We will also have Bluetooth transmitters for two headphones. Both Pcs can be controlled via remote desktop login via Wifi using a tablet.  Additionally the phone or tablet can be projected onto the 4K TV through Miracast. My camera does 4K video and has 54 Mpixel resolution, so the UHD TV is a good media to look at the footage through a tablet.

The little PC for the Audio has 32 Gig SSD drive, 4 Gig memory, Ethernet , HDMI, USB etc. Comes with Windows 10 installed and cost $83. Amazing when we compare this with 10 years ago. The audio files actually come from the NAS or a memory stick in case we do not want to start the NAS in my work area, however the video library also resides on the NAS. Same with all the photos and videos from the cameras.

Below is a block diagram of the system including the routers for the CCTV system and Wifi connections.