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Vanity Cupboard

Been working in the bathroom and underneath. Completed a couple of baggage compartments of the under floor storage and fitted one more baggage door. Still 3 to go before everything is done. I also have continued to work in the bathroom. Have started to work on the vanity cupboard and connected the vanity top and mixer.

The drawer under the vanity top is not done yet, that is next on the list.

The trim on the edges is also not done yet. The images are not very good, out of focus and a bit grainy, had not much light when I […]

Truck Upgrade

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I had planned upgrades on my truck for some time and had the components shipped from the US in the container I received with all the van parts. It took me almost 2 years to get started with the upgrade, mostly because I was not really urgent and secondly I needed a decent hoist taking the truck. A friend of mine is a mechanic and was planning to install a second hoist in his workshop big enough to take the truck. This eventually happened and since I am working towards our departure at the end of the year we […]

Long Time – No Post

It has been a while since the last post. The last 3 months I have been busy with other things, mainly the renovation of a rental apartment. This took eight weeks to finish. Done pretty much everything new … new kitchen, bathroom, floor throughout, new backyard (grass out, paving out and new paving in), plants, retic in front and back, new laundry, painting, couple new doors, new main door, new aircon, blinds, fence etc … painting of course inside and some outside.

I also have been busy with my commercial project and my truck.

Clean Up

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Have not posted for a while. Was really busy with several things. Had to finish wedding photos, album and slide shows for a friends wedding which I had taken a while ago. That took me quite a few hours. The next project was a 4 day cleanup of our slide-on camper. It was going to my daughters property as additional guest accommodation for clinics and workshops.

I removed all electric and electronic installations which are not required anymore. Was a fair amount of cables, switches and devices I had in there. Solar charger, battery charger, solar panels, screen mounting arms, […]

New Facebook Page

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Today I was asked to post to a page rather than my profile on facebook that not just the friends can see it. Facebook does not have a category for Trailers, Caravans or such. No category for privately created things, only products, commercial, companies etc. Wonder why that is ?

Anyway, here it goes. This should be the first post to go on the new facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/teutanic. It will not go to the profile anymore.

The wordpress plugin at this point only allows one facebook link, at least this is what I understand without digging deep and going into documentation or code. […]

Perth at Night

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Just found an old photo I took in August 2002 when I got my first digital SLR camera. This was a totally calm evening with no wind at all, nothing. Swan river was like a mirror and this image suggests that it was manipulated, but it wasn’t. This was taken handheld with a long exposure and 6 Megapixel camera, an achievement at the day. I used a 24-70 2.8 AFS ED Nikon zoom lens. Time of the day was 20:45. I never again have seen the Swan river so flat. I guess this is as unique as my van.

Blog And Facebook

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Just playing with some plugins in WordPress to auto publish posts to Facebook. I have a very limited Facebook account as far as content is concerned, but it is easier for the friends and family to follow the project when they can read Facebook instead of logging into the  website all the time.

Time will tell if this is good or bad. I am not really fussed about Facebook, but as long as I have no additional effort to keep that updated I don’t really care.

So here it goes, the first post from the WordPress blog to my Facebook page.

Well, […]