As I mentioned before, I went against my initial thought and decided to use PEX with crimp fittings for the hot water and heating pipes. Today I started putting the hot water pipe in and done a few fittings with the crimp rings. Looks very solid and I think I am going to trust that. Cutting the PEX pipe is easy with a dedicated cutter, very clean ends and the crimping with the ratchet tool is simple.


I used the PEX pipe from the roll, which can be a bit daunting, but buying straight pieces would not really helped the cause either, but it is not too bad.

I started to work on the main hot water line to the rear external mixer and the shower and then run the pipe to the front for the kitchen and the passenger side front taps. This is where the electric barbecue is going to sit and the pull out outside table. It is handy to have hot/cold and drinking water there too.


I placed the calorifier temporarily on a board at it’s future location to see how the pipes would fit and need to run. The unit sits almost centred and close top the wheels. Not a big contribution to any kind of imbalance, but I think this trailer can handle anything with it’s very low centre of gravity and that suspension and running gear.

hot_water_juice This is my daily shot of vitamins and minerals. My wife keeps the supply up to help my brain tick over for 16 hours a day and sometimes more. She does that with our cold juicer and has all kinds of secret ingredients for this magic punch.   hot_water_pipe_insulatedThe image above shows the hot water pipe from ending just under the floor to go through to the vanity to join the hot water supply coming from the hot water system. The main pipe is 20 mm and is fully insulated for the full length. At the kitchen connection the pipe will be reduced to a 16 mm size running to the front passenger side outlets and then in 16 mm back to the cold water inlet of the calorifier. The circulation pump sits after the last tap to avoid any flow restrictions through the pump. The circulation of the hot water is controlled by an on demand system with temperature sensors. I have written about this previously.
Tomorrow I will continue to install the PEX pipes. Today evening I picked up some more insulation because that stuff has to slip over the pipe before any fittings get crimped on.