After I finished the data entry for the BMS I went outside to do some more plumbing. Yesterday evening I had picked up some more insulation for the hot water pipes as one can see in the top picture.

I looked at the possible routes for the pipes and decided that some of the fill lines were in the way. I removed them to get a better route for the hot water.

I use cable tie saddles to fix the pipes to the chassis.


The saddles are riveted to the floor supports with pop rivets.


In the foreground one can see the hot water pipe going to and coming from the shower. This is the connection under the floor. Above the floor is the shower basin and additional pipes will run under the basin to the left to connect to the mixer for the outside shower head.The hot water pipe returns and will connect to the pipe visible on the right. This pipe runs all the way to the front and then to the right for the kitchen.


This is where the pipes for the kitchen end for now. I will make the floor openings and the rest when the shell is on. The white pipe is the drinking water pipe and the uninsulated PEX pipe is the cold water supply. The three supply pipes also run across the front top the right side.


The connections on the right side for drinking water and fresh water with hot/cold mixer are right at the outside table for convenience. It is handy to have water there and also close to the barbecue for cleaning up.

I got another one of those fit drinks of course and in the picture one can also see the crimp tool for the PEX pipe.


Below is a picture of the water pipes from the front.


The insulated pip over the middle of the tank to the right is the hot water circulation return pipe. The actual circulation pump sits it in the kitchen under the sink for easy access and maintenance if required. The insulated pipe to the left and running in the middle of the chassis is the 20mm hot water pipe. The return pipe is 16mm. These are outside diameters.

And here is a picture of the new tank intakes after reconnecting the hoses after a bit of compacting the installation. Is more efficient and cleaner now.


Today the trim pots for the BMS arrived, just in time. I have a few urgent things to do for my commercial project but may be later tonight I will make the new resistor array with the trim pots on that horizontal extender shield and that would finish the hardware for the BMS. We will see how far I get.