Not getting ahead really well at the moment. The plumbing is not my strong side and it gets a bit boring, however it gotta be done. Today I had to take a step back before I could make a few small steps forward again.

htank_relocationI had to relocate the rear holding tanks. It is a real pity since they were sitting very nicely, however they were too high and there was not enough space between the top of the tanks and the floor. I did not want the inlets going into the side, I want them straight in from the top and I needed more space to get the pipe and the knee in there. Another reason is the gate valve. I did not really look at it before I mounted the holding tanks. The gate valves have to be mounted in a certain direction which needed more space above the tank. So I had two reasons to lower the tanks as one can see in the image above.

htank_gate_valve_connectorThe above image shows the rubber connector between the tank and the gate valve. The top image shows the mounted gate valve on the black water tank. Each of the holding tanks has a gate valve like this. Intake diameter is 3″ and outlet diameter is 1.5″. I can get away with this even for the black water tank, because our toilet has a macerator pump built in and the smaller diameter is not going to be a problem although I have a 2″ disposal hose.

I have decided to finish the plumbing later and first do the rest of the cutting and welding. This needs to be done for the final measurement checks.