Today was a real warm spring day, the first taste of what is to come now – kite season. We had a seabreeze, just right for a big kite, but I was busy .. Wednesday looking good though although the forecast says otherwise, but our seabreezes never listen to the forecast. ┬áBack to the subject – plumbing.

I finished the cold water and drinking water plumbing, the hot water was already done. After the water supply was no finished, the holding tanks were the next on list.

I placed the shower basin in it’s spot to check the drain, I had already taken the toilet a couple of days ago to mark the sewer pipe position.


I use a high apron basin which gives me good clearance to the floor for the installation of the drain and the drain redirection into the circulation tank.

holding_shower_circulation_tankThe shower circulation tank is a 3 gallon tank with large inlet/outlet. I will mount this also under the floor just under the shower. A redirection valve (3way) under the shower basin will either direct the water straight into the grey water holding tank or into this 3 gallon tank. A high flow, high pressure circulation pump takes this water and pumps it through an on demand electric heater and back into the shower through several outlets. This way we can have our extensive showers without wasting precious water. The heads are controlled through ball valves which in turn are controlled through a waterproof touch panel. This is the luxury I am missing since we left the house we built when we came here. A nice shower with good water pressure through a bunch of jets – pure bliss.


Drilled the holes for the inlet and the breather outlet. The holes are 41mm and the connectors have a 42mm thread, which fits perfectly. I can put the connectors through the outlet opening, it is big enough to get the arm in, so I do not have to put lids into the tanks as I did for the water tanks. The tank senders will come also, but they have a different hole diameter.


Grey water connections are installed. The inlet for the shower drain and the other connection is for the breather pipe which runs into a charcoal filter, which sits above floor. I have a service opening in the wall adjacent to the shower to access the space under the basin and in the rear corner of the shower from out side the bathroom. I can change the filters if required through these service opening and also reach the pipes and the valves for the drain and the circulation system.


Above is the blackwater tank with the inlet pointing toward the point where the toilet pipe comes through the floor. The pipe from the toilet is the same size as this inlet. It can be that small because we use a macerator toilet with raw water intake. This makes plumbing the toilet pretty easy. No big pipes or not the need to have the tank right below the toilet.

I also installed the connectors for the front grey water holding tank, which receives the run off from the kitchen. The charcoal filter for the front breather pipe sits inside a kitchen cabinet next to the water filtration system for easy access. Using the filters for the breather pipes eliminates the need to run the breathers all the way to the roof with some exhaust mechanism or cover on the roof. The charcoal filters take any odours out and the breather can end wherever it is convenient.

Tomorrow I will finally start cutting more alu to finish the rest of the chassis frame for the shell. I have also ordered the alu honeycomb panels for the underbelly cover. Once the frame is in I can put the center covers in. The floors for the luggage areas under the main floor will not be in for a while but at least the middle of the chassis is protected from underneath. I will not drive gravel when I go to QLD and back. Don’t need the red dust everywhere already ..