Today my IP-Camera arrived from China via DHL. It took only 5 days from time of order. Wrapped 3 times in bubblewrap and lots of tape inside a DHL bag. Very nice product, software and documentation on CD and additional software through web download. Was easy to set up. Just change ip of one pc to the default network of the camera, login with browser and default user/password, change ip to local subnet, reboot the camera and the live stream was visible in the browser window after downloading the plugin from their website. All took less than 15 minutes. Downloaded the Android version, added the camera ip and the live stream is visible on the phone. This took less than 5 minutes.

Solid build easy to use software with massive amount of options. Below is the camera flat on top of a powersupply pointing outside. The pic below is the live view (dark outside) and visible is the window frame and some reflections. This is inside the browser window on my desktop.

Next step is to install it with ZoneMinder under ubuntu on the little Udoo, and after this is done I will decide how many cameras I run and get an NVR (network video recorder) for it to have them running standalone and not only through the central system. Very nice product. Have been researching that a bit, not too long though, and theis product is good value. Not overly cheap but it comes with good software and a good support website, which is important for some products.


This camera is not big but not really small either. Have to carefully think how and where I mount them on the van.