Two long days and a lot of sweat in 38 degrees but I got it done. Everything unpacked and sorted. I have a few different places to store everything. The truck transmission is in the truck shed and needs a forklift to get loaded again.

The tanks (10 of them) are in the stables and so are the slide-outs and the shower. The tyres are stowed away out of the sun for later.


All the rest is sorted and spread out in my studio, which I had cleared for the repair of some white ant damage. The open space comes in handy now. I can go through everything and double check all weights and measurements before the panels get cut. Everything is there and no damage. I found all items and also the slide-outs are complete.

One liitle thing though; my entry doors have standard locks and not the number locks I was after. Have sent an email to the supplier. We will see what we come up with. Apart from that all good .. brilliant. The guys from Shipping Etc. in Lafayette did a great job to pack that comtainer. It was hand stacked, because if everything was on pallets it would not have gone in it.


Windows were packaged very well, they look really good .. Complete mirror tint . Below are the entry doors and the tripple steps and to the right is the calorifier and the solar hot water panels.

DSC_0207 DSC_0216


To the left are all truck parts which make up the running gear for the trailer. The additional brake rotors are replacements for the truck. The performance calipers go on the trailer and in the foreground is the Tuson actuator and ABS controller.


Two Lithium battery banks in press fit battery boxes. To the left of the batteries one can see one of the hatches I am using. They are marine hatches with real solid acryl glass (one can walk on them). They are marine hatches and can stay open and any angle and one does not have to be afraid that the cover will break of fly away. This is like a big puzzle, the only problem is that all the parts do not fit together as easy as a puzzle. DSC_0202

One major milestone however is reached. All the parts are here.